So glad you stopped by! I’m an italian wedding and surprise proposal photographer based in Rome serving also Tuscany, Lake Como, Southern Italy and beyond! I come from photojournalism, meaning my style is a blend of fine art photography and reportage. I was the first photographer (really!) in Rome to make the surprise proposal in the Ethernal City a real kind of photo and give an authentic iconicity to wedding, engagement and family photo-sessions. Capturing moments, relationships. Perceiving emotions and situations, not creating them artificially. Telling the story of a vibrant and colourful day.

Fantastic facts about Gianfranco

* I was born in Matera, Southern Italy in 1979
* I have a Master's degree in Theories of Communication
* I started as a professional photographer more than 15 years ago, in Rome
* I’ve worked as a music photo-journalist (why do I feel so addicted to music??)
* I’ve worked for very important international clients and hundreds couples and families
* Cooking is seriously my thing
* I love hiking, mountains and cats
* I love my wife, my daughter Giulia, film cameras, teaching, audiophilia, travelling, experiencing new cultures and helping others